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What is the impact of fashion on the lives of students?

The present is one of fashion, and it can be very influential in our lives. It actually brings a new dimension to our lives through providing an desire to create something distinctive and unique, else it would be boring life if we were to dress and conduct ourselves similarly.

Fashion is the expression of a distinct fashion, especially in clothing and footwear, accessories, or makeup. It is a way of performing something, looking different, and interacting with other people. It covers a variety of categorizing such as the way you speak, your actions as well as manners and life style. There is a lot of debate regarding fashion and clothes and their role in modern contemporary society. Fashion and clothing are described as various factors that hold the society. Fashion is defined as a norm that is in place or fashion of dress as well as manners and methods of socializing. Clothing can be defined as a collection of clothes. If fashion and clothes were removed from our lives, then there’d be little space for individuality, and the entire population would be identical. Also, there would be no distinctions between social classes which were largely defined at the turn of the century, but continues to exist in the present. The disappearance of clothing and fashion will also alter the nature of society and the social relations.

Mod, the abbreviation for “modern,” refers to a young style that was popularized in London in the 1960s, and then quickly expanded to other regions of the globe. Being trendy isn’t just appealing but also satisfying. It is a common occurrence that students in the early years are drawn to fashions the most and begin to follow the latest fashions immediately. This is why fashion influences our young people in a significant way. Fashion is constantly influencing on society. It influences our opinions and our attitude toward social culture. We are able to introduce new ideas of living through fashion, and we create awareness in ourselves to bring back an entirely new set of social customs. It’s a major social statement that students make to present themselves to their friends. Malcolm Barnard says in his book Fashion as Communication, “Fashion and clothes have been described as ways that communicate” (39). Students make use of fashion to communicate their opinions and feelings. Fashion is an opportunity to communicate with others in relation to the scrutiny of any kind of person. Fashion is a means of communicating to all the people around them what their character truly says.

1920 was known as”the Age of Flaming Youth because of its wild and jazzy style. This was the time when the young’s energy was unleashed in a different way, and every style was considered too silly to be a high-fashion. The world has become increasingly globalized. Celebrities play an important part for the children. Students admire their most loved icons for inspiration and to stay current. While watching TV or browsing the web browsing, they will be drawn by a range of new and trendy ideas. Additionally, students idolize their favourite celebrities and constantly want to imitate them. So they try to emulate the look and style that their heroes. They attempt to absorb the latest fashions from their culture to improve their appearance. When they meet with others, they discuss new ideas that could be modified. They employ a non-natural method of speaking, expression and behavior in their daily lives, which is largely artificial.

From my perspective there are two kinds of categories i.e. the negative and positive impact from fashion and fashion-related issues on the students.

The current fashion of our society can have an adverse effect on students. Students only focus on trends and end up in the expenditure of a huge sum of cash. They are also not capable of focusing on other essential needs in life. They are always distracted from their studying. Once a fashion or style becomes popular that is followed by the student population despite the extent of trouble it causes. However, they are caught up in the chaos of fashion due to the influence of society. To be fashionable it is necessary to take certain actions, and certain things, so students push their boundaries to impress their peers. In the end, they lose hope instead of being creative and suffer from depression as a result of being fashionable. However there is also the notion that the money spent for Fashion could be put to use to fund other causes, such as charitable giving and helping the needy.

Fashion is a barrier to entry for students. All students want to look stylish and attractive as the famous people on TV or in magazines, and therefore they invest a lot of time and money to make the impression of being attractive to those who surround them. But, they don’t convey their personality often, which results in a decline in self-esteem. Also, it creates a conflict of opinions among them as well as their peers which could lead to an element of jealousy, and consequently damage their relationships with friends. Students start to judge others based on their appearance. People who don’t spend enough on their appearance, eventually, they are criticized and this lowers their confidence levels to a some degree.

Students who devote more attention on fashion tend to be the least concerned about their studies. They believe that by embracing certain trends in fashion they can make a status among their peers. Therefore, they give less thought to their academic career.

There are positive aspects of being trendy as well. When teens are happy with the way they dress they feel a great satisfaction as well as confidence and self-confidence in individuality. Additionally, they feel more confident and comfortable in social settings. If they adhere to an established style and style, they can be aware of their own individuality through getting to know other people in the same social group with similar preferences and fashion. Fashionable clothes reflect the status of a person. People think that someone is more affluent if they are dressed in fashionable clothes. Malcolm Barnard says in his book Fashion as Communication, “Fashion and clothing have been viewed as a means of communication”

Students will eventually realize that it’s not a good idea for them to copy or mimic other people all the time. Instead, they must develop the ability to think differently and create their own unique fashion. This will help them become more independent, strong and creative. Fashion is the term used to describe being able to express oneself.It is a sign that people can feel confident about themselves, and this will result in a more productive in a prosperous and wide-ranging society.

Fashion is a type of art, and since art has a positive impact on society this is the case with fashion and style as well.Fashion is one of the main reasons to make companies spend more money on the expansion of new clothing, trends and better living. It is a definite fact that fashion plays an important role to play in the lives of each student. Sometimes, it may be the reason behind things that make life easier. However it can also be detrimental to the lives of some individuals. It is therefore best to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, however should it be detrimental to your academic performance through any means, you need to be careful about it. In general, fashion is fun, interesting and enjoyable. Fashion is a profitable method that could provide jobs to many thousands of people.

There should be a sense of stability within the life of students following fashion. They must be aware the fact that fashion within certain limits is acceptable, however when the boundaries are crossed they will have to confront numerous challenges. Their primary obligation is to fill their lives with wisdom instead of trying to follow the frenzies of the fashion. There must be a proportion between being trendy and escaping our roots. Students must be aware that they have the most time to indulge in the world of extravagantness once they’ve completed their education. They should therefore devote all their energy to their education now, as the tide is waiting for no one.

Being fashionable and trendy is our personal preference There is no way to make us do it and it’s up to us to decide to decide how much and what style of clothing we would like to wear in accordance with the place and need. Although in the 21st century Pakistan the majority of people are influenced by the glamour and style of fashion, they are not forgetting our heritage and culture that is the most important and defining characteristic of our nation.

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