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create a twitter account without a phone number

How to Create a Twitter Account without a Phone Number?

Do you have a non-existent phone number? Maybe you don’t want your phone number listed on every website.

Do you want to avoid sharing your mobile number for verification purposes? Or have you lost your phone?

Maintaining privacy in society is becoming more difficult, with virtually everything available online, even lunch menus. Over 80% of Americans worry about sharing too much personal data and losing control over what information they reveal.

One reason is that many internet platforms and services, such as Twitter, as well as businesses, require personal information like phone numbers. To hide their identities, many people use burner phones and fake phone numbers.

Why does Twitter require verification of a phone number?

Twitter admitted recently that it has problems with dangerous automation and spam accounts. Twitter stated that it is trying to block its users.

Twitter claimed that its machine-learning algorithms helped it detect automated accounts without the need for outside assistance. It has detected approximately 10 million malicious or automated accounts, according to its statistics.

Twitter is also restricted in its reach for spammy and automated accounts. Twitter’s algorithm detects spammy accounts and removes them from conversations and followers. It also places a restriction on following and restricts followers until verification is complete.

Twitter wants to make spammy, automated accounts more difficult. To verify their Twitter accounts, as indicated previously, users must enter an email address or a telephone number. Twitter will verify an account if it displays suspicious behavior, such as excessive tweets using a hashtag that is ignored.

How can you bypass Twitter without having a phone number?

You can create a Twitter account with no phone number. You can simply create a Twitter account by entering an email address.

To create an account, you will need to confirm your email address. Remember that account verification may require the use of an email address. The email address you provide will be used to communicate with Twitter. Twitter will also ask you to choose the notification types that you want via your email address.

These are the steps you need to follow in order to set up a Twitter account from your computer or laptop.

Go to the Twitter website using any of your installed browsers. Remember that your display name is the name you must enter. You can change your display name at any time, unlike Facebook. However, this allows you to keep it anonymous.

As a way to authenticate, enter your phone number (or, in the case of a lost account, your email address). Access to your phone is essential as the next step in your life will be dependent on it.

You will receive a verification number via email to your address. This number must be entered to confirm.

Next, you need to choose a password that is both secure and strong as well as unpredictable.

Next, you will be asked about your interests. This will help Twitter guide you to the next step. Twitter will suggest pages and individuals for you to follow.

Next, choose a username in the privacy settings. This is the name people will associate you with.

The sixth stage involves the creation of an avatar. You can create any type of avatar that you want. This page allows you to modify the header image.

Do not forget that this technique is only applicable if you are creating an account for the first time. Twitter might request verification by phone if cookies are detected. Get rid of any cookies.

How do you create a Twitter account without a phone number on Android/IOS?

Here are some steps to help you set up a Twitter account on your mobile device. You must be accurate as verification will take place.

The verification number can be retrieved using the contact information (either your email address or your telephone number) provided in the second step. Next, create a password that is very difficult to guess.

Next, decide whether you want existing contacts to be synced. This will help you get the Twitter followers that you desire.

Twitter will recommend profiles that might interest you based on your interests.

Twitter can recommend accounts based purely on your preferences.

Next, you can make changes to your profile, such as changing your profile photo or preferences.

How do you verify your Twitter account using Google Voice Number?

Twitter has blacklisted many websites that permit users to create fake mobile numbers for free and bypass verification.

The Google Voice number can be used to verify Twitter accounts due to Google’s reliability and reputation. To use a Google Voice number, you don’t even need a phone. To get started, simply generate a number from your Twitter account and log in with your Twitter account.

These are the steps you need to follow in order to set up a Twitter account with your Google Voice number.

Go to Google Voice by signing in to your Gmail Account. You have two options: change your phone number or keep it.

Select a number that Google can reach and confirm your request. Once you have been authenticated by Google, you can choose a new local number.

Send a random number to Twitter.

Google Voice will send you via Gmail a verification code, which you can use to confirm your Twitter account.


It is possible to set up a Twitter account with no personal contact information. This will help protect your privacy. This approach has its downsides. You may not be able to recover your account if you forget your Twitter password or your Twitter account is compromised. This is due to the fact that temporary email addresses and phone numbers can change on the mentioned websites. Some users may find it difficult to pay the monthly or annual fees required to keep a particular number. You need to decide if creating a Twitter account with a different phone number is worth the effort.

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