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Comparing traditional and digital marketing

On the other hand, tech experts provide the most evident argument for rapid-paced digitization, they also explain how digital marketing can be distinguished from traditional marketing. Corporate executives, on the contrary, working within conventions, could more clearly than not support traditional marketing. Before we look into the issue, let’s first know what is the primary difference between these two.

This is a reference to newspaper advertisements, magazine advertisements, billboards, hoardings, brochures, etc. Traditional marketing also encompasses networks marketing. In the most fundamental terms, Traditional marketing refers to an organized effort for promoting your brand without dependence on online methods. The traditional offline mediums are typically the media channels that brands use in their marketing campaigns.

Let’s look at a few instances of traditional marketing:

A. Vicks, a famous brand in India has come up with an advertisement titled Touch of Care. The advertisement film portrayed daughter’s relationship to her mother who is transgender. The advertisement became viral due to the fact that it really struck the emotional sensitivity of the viewer.

This strategy for branding helped the brand’s position.

What exactly is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing as the title suggests , refers to the marketing strategies of a company through online channels. The process of optimizing your brand’s image is the foundation in this instance. The most important channel can be found on the Internet. The sub channels are blogs, websites, social media platforms and more. Digital Marketing involves a number of complicated processes.

A. Their contest to Musical.ly that had participants singing along to the latest tune was quite a hit. It was a huge hit with Kitkat’s image as a brand. Kitkat.

B. We watched in the show the way Eleven was in love over the Kellogg’s Eggo waffles. This promotion on the internet that used elements of storytelling really created several positive outcomes on the company’s brand.

So a great marketing plan should include an ideal mix of both conventional and online marketing. While SEO and SMM are fantastic ways to reach the people’s computers, there is a world that goes beyond the one that is accessible through the various aspects that traditional advertising.

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