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Best Blogging Platforms to Start a Blog for Free

A doctor’s practice must be competent But, it’s just as important to choose the best platform to blog.

This article was specifically written for those who want to create a blog at no costWant the best blogging platform? Easy to use, customizable, and easy to use for your visitors?

Do you want to share your thoughts online? Or maybe you are trying to make an income by sharing your opinions on the internet.

These are brief descriptions of seven top blogging platforms that will help you choose the right one to start a blog.



Bloggers who are starting to blog would be familiar with WordPress.org and WordPress.com.

WordPress.com is better suited for users who want blogs that are free. WordPress.org requires that the user host their blog. To get the best out of WordPress.org, you will need to pay a fee. It also gives you full ownership of your website.

Find out about the benefits and drawbacks of this option and decide if it is the right choice for you.


  • Excellent Content Management System.
  • WordPress.org, an open-source website builder, adds to its versatility.
  • WordPress.org You get more from WordPress.org
  • WordPress.org offers a wide range of free plugins.
  •  There are many communities and forums that can help you if you have any difficulties.


  • Self-hosting on WordPress.org is expensive. You’ll see the benefits if you use your blog for work purposes.
  • WordPress.com offers limited plugins and designs, but it’s similar to other blogging platforms.
  • Learning all the features can be difficult, so it is important to take the time to get the most out of them.

 Now the mystery is solved! Learn the fascinating characteristics that separate them.

  1. WordPress.com is a software-based company that provides hosting services on a large scale.

WordPress.org is more like an informational data container. It includes information that is mostly relevant to Word Press’ various aspects.

  1. WordPress.com – Offers hosting services completely free of charge.

WordPress.org – This is a free service that is open-source and offers high-quality products to its users.

  1. WordPress.com: Uncustomizable. No custom plug-ins allowed.

WordPress.org – Customization is easy.

  1. WordPress.com: To remove ads from third-party sites, you must pay.


While there are other platforms for blogging, Weebly has become a popular web-based website builder.


  • Drag-and-drop is an easy way to create content for websites and give it an interactive interface.
  • It’s a great user-friendliness. You don’t have to be technically skilled to navigate through Weebly
  • Layout options and design options that are appealing
  • Learning is quick and easy.
  • This template is ideal for creating small websites.
  • Website owners can get Hosting Services for Free
  • Platform specifically designed to allow E-commerce
  • Monetization. Webly offers a range of options in this area, including banner ads, banners, and third-party code.


  • There’s no free open-source website builder
  • The starter and free plans have a page limit. The starter plan has two upgrade options
  • Unable to customize


  1. You will be provided with a custom domain name which is basically of the form yourname.blogspot.com
  2. The website provides free hosting and all publishing functions are handled by it.
  3. This website is recommended for beginners who want to start a blog. It has an intuitive graphic interface with a step-by-step procedure.


  1. These are the benefits blogger is trying to achieve. There are limited edition themes and designs that are similar, but customization options are not as easy.


 It’s an online platform that specializes on community-based updates and posts.

These are the pros and cons of to help you distinguish it from other popular blogging platforms. 


  1. Simple and basic features are matched by an incredible user interface that allows for you to create your own blog with a specific goal
  2. It’s a similar site to social networking websites. However, it is an online community with beautiful images and features that allow you to re-blog.
  3. High-quality premium themes are available at a very low price. 
  4. Its apps are attractive for different types of smartphones and mobile devices, making it a top choice among the best blogging platforms.


  1. There aren’t many features that can be customized to your liking on this large platform.


It is highly desirable to be able to create a website that is more likely to succeed with more functionalities. Squarespace is one such option. Squarespace is a free platform for blogging that provides additional features.

It is crucial to consider both the positives and the negatives of before you decide if it is the best blog platform.


  1. It is easy to develop and highly efficient.
  2. More user-friendly and flexible themes are available.
  3. All square space users receive fast and complete support.
  4. No updates are needed for the user. All plugins and themes updates are done on the server side.


  1. Not recommended to sophisticated customers or those who are more demanding. 
  2. Premium packages cost slightly more than the average.
  3. This is not an open-source platform.

You can create a blog with an ordinary blogging platform. There are many options online.


  1. This platform is very well-respected.
  2. Hosting services are affordable. Other features can be added at a lower cost.
  3. Typography can be a thing that you are sure of. This content looks amazing here.
  4. Experts perform maintenance and updation. This means that you don’t need to worry about updation.


  1. It is the most difficult competition.
  2. You cannot customize the features of the site.
  3. The audience’s exposure cannot be controlled beyond the performance.
  4. Designing is not what’s offered here. This site is more content-based than a blog website.

This is a brand new blog platform, launched in 2013. It is a free platform for blogging that has gained a lot of respect due to its original and high-quality content.

These are some options to help you determine the effectiveness of this platform specifically tailored for business blogging.


1. The site is very user-friendly.

2 What makes it so appealing is its simplicity. 

3. Abstraction can be offered on the scale a new concept. Modifications to the site are specifically designed to meet different design requirements.


  1. The actual use of the platform is not yet available. The platform is currently in Beta testing.
  2. This platform doesn’t offer plug-ins or widgets. 
  3. This platform is a new product and has not received the standard reviews from users.

 Take time to consider your requirements and capabilities to make an informed decision.

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