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5 Essential Steps For Launching A Life Coaching Business

What’s life coaching?

People want to make positive changes in their lives so they can feel more satisfied. Career issues can also impact their career.

After you have decided to become a coach, the first thing you need to think about is

“Do you want a life coach or a specialist? 

The most vital areas of a person’s daily life are

* Health

* Relationships

* Personal Development

* Career

* Finances

* Spiritual Development

You might be interested in a specialization if you’ve worked in an area that helped others.

Maybe you have taken a course in one area. 

If you want to help someone in all areas of their life, you can refer to yourself as a “General Life Coach,” a “Personal Growth” or a “Personal Development” coach.

No matter what you do, the goal of a life coach is to help people make positive changes in their lives.

In truth, about 90% of people will pay for coaching to help them succeed in life.

Launching Your Coaching Business

Starting a business is a rewarding experience.  I will give you some basic details to help you get started.

To start and run a life coaching business, you need to have the following elements:

1. An entrepreneur mindset

2. Coaching program or process that provides

3. Basic bookkeeping skills

4. Business systems

5. Tools to run a online business

Let’s dive a little deeper into each one.

1Mindset is half the battle.

You must have an entrepreneurial mindset to start any business. 

Most entrepreneurs who don’t have the success they desire and deserve are having a hard time adjusting their outlook.

Mindset is not a tangible concept. Or “Your conversion rate doesn’t justify your advertising expenditures.

To determine if your attitude aligns with the company’s goals, you can look for beliefs that might be preventing you from moving forward.

As with any relationship that lasts a long time and is difficult to resolve, entrepreneurs will face many problems. This includes how much money you can request, what you are allowed to keep, and how much money you handle in your personal life.

A lack of self-confidence is another issue. You will be able to gain confidence, referrals and potentially more revenue.

 Keep an optimistic outlook.

2-Your Life Coaching Program

Besides having the right mindset and setting the right attitude, you also need to create a way for customers to interact with you.

It’s important to plan your program in advance to be able to present it to enrollment discussions (discovery calls). You should also consider the potential results your customers will see from your plan.

These are some ideas to consider:

How long will the program last? Depending on the quality of the coaching session and the results clients can expect, one-on-one coaching sessions may last from a few days up to a year.

What steps must the client take to achieve the desired result?

What time and where is it best to contact your clients?

This is the main point:

How can you make your clients feel at ease, without making it exhausting?

Pricing your services

The cost of your private coaching program is the most important decision.

Starting life coaches can cost as low at $97 per month. Top-of-the-line business coaches may charge $40,000, $50,000, or $100,000 annually. This is based on many elements:

* Niche

* Duration

* Outcome

* Your experience level

Once your coaching plan has been priced and designed, you can advertise your services.

3-Book keeping

Each business owner must be able to determine if their business can continue to operate, i.e. if they are earning a profit.

Keep accurate records to track where your money is going and what it’s being spent on.

The Internet has opened up a “world” of opportunities for life coaches.

These are five more important ones:

A) Website

B) Scheduler

c) Autoresponder

D) Delivery Platform

(e) Documents


I have been asked by coaches if they need websites.

 You could ask your webmaster for the features that you need.


You’ll also need a way for clients to book sessions with you. Create a calendar with an address and email that you can forward on to all potential clients. Basic tools include Calendy (Set more), Square up, and Square up.


Online businesses should not be directing everyone to their website through your marketing strategy.

Delivery Platform

If you’ve got documents like checklists, templates, PDFs and recordings, then you’ll require ways to provide these to your clients. When it comes to documents, this could be as easy to use Google Docs. You upload your document and provide the link to your customers. If you’d prefer something more elaborate, you can make use of a platform like Teachable, LearnDash, Kajabi as well as OptimizePress Member.

Coaching Documents

Other documents may be needed depending on the topic you are discussing.

5-Business systems

To ensure your business runs efficiently, you will need to have a number of systems in place.

These are some I recommend:

A) A Content Creator system

b) Lead generation system

C) Social marketing via media


E) Client onboarding system


G) System for follow-up

Content System for Creation

You must establish a content creation system for your company. This all contributes to lead generation.

Lead generation system

It’s called “lead generation” and it helps you to find potential customers interested in your products. These leads are potential customers attracted to your website’s content. You must attract them.

You will have people who enjoy your content, and who may be willing to sign a contract. It can be used to build an inventory of leads with which you will be in touch.

You can offer a reward to potential leads to get them added to your mailing list.

This lead magnet will direct leads to an email series that you can set up in an autoresponder. An enrollment meeting will be held with your leads, which will include a free consult and/or “discovery call” where they will be enrolled in your coaching program.

Social Marketing through Media

Social media is a powerful tool for lead generation.

You can also include advertising on other platforms. To ensure that you remain focused, you need to focus on one platform at the time. 

To convert an inquiry into a free sales call, you need to understand the steps to take.

Here is a conversational formula for

A) Warm up Questions – Icebreakers

B: Establishing Expectations – The agenda for the conference

C) The promise – What they will get from the call

D Qualification Questions – Their ability to invest

(e). Personal questions – why they are consulting you

f) Offer – your solution

g) Close – your call-to-action

h. Technical Answering Questions/Objections – Help them make an informed decision

You can find a wide range of courses in sales-related skills and formulas.

Client onboarding system

Once you sign up for a new account, there must be an onboarding procedure or process.

Follow-up systems

A coach must also follow up with clients. You will need to complete the following sequences:

A: People who sign up to your “lead magnet

B) People that you meet on social media platforms

C: Current clients who are part of one your programs.

D: Past clients who need the next step

Customers will be more likely to buy from you if they are contacted regularly by friendly and helpful staff via phone or email.


Life coaching can be as exciting as it is challenging. This article will discuss the definition of life coaching as well as the five steps needed to start a coaching business.

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